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Item Code Description
3218FHB Woven Polypropylene. Bale Sacks - 450mm x 500mm
21214 Hessian Jute Bag 450mm x 500mm

Hessian Jute Bag


Transport fittings in a SAFE and organised way from JOB to JOB to YARD to TOP-LIFT! 

  • SAFER - Designed so that the top closes when lifted by handles. Lifting handles long enough for single-point lifting by pulley. 
  • GET THINGS ORGANISED - Enables you to transport and sort your fittings easily. 
  • SO MANY USES - Once you’ve got these bags, you just can’t do without them. Use for organising, lifting, storing, transporting your fittings, dirty boots, rubbish, tools, end caps, strapping, slings… everything and anything. 
  • LOADS OF SPACE - Designed to comfortably hold up to 20 doubles. 
  • VERY STRONG - Manufactured from tough woven ultra-violet resistant polypropylene. Try busting a fitting through these bags. 
  • CONVENIENT - Stores flat. The reinforced circular base keeps the bag open while you load it and keeps it steady in transit. 
  • COMFORTABLE TO CARRY - Soft strong handles for easy carrying. Short option ideal for full loads - carry easily without dragging bag on the ground and avoid strain injuries. 
  • TESTED - These bags are tested 6 times over the SWL 30kg to BS3481. 
  • Certificated & proven - don’t be caught with inferior copies. 
  • A special rubber and canvas bottom reinforcing 
  • disc is available for heavy duty use and extra support.


Item Code Description Size
2906R Regular Size Transit Fittings Bag SWL 30kgs
2906S Short Size Transit Fittings Bag (Slightly shorter bag and handle) SWL 30kgs
2906D Heavy Duty Reinforcement Disc  


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