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SafeSmart Access NZ

Netting & Sheeting

Scaffold Sheeting for NZ Construction

And Debris Netting

Looking for robust containment products that keep your site from damaging the surrounding area?

Whether it is for flying debris, dust, containment, view-blocking or for fire-prone sites, SafeSmart Access provide the most comprehensive range of scaffolding sheeting and scaffold debris netting. We can supply and deliver quickly to site anywhere in New Zealand.

Our containment products are made from the most robust materials that can withstand wind, rain, and provide an added element of windbreak so workers can get the job done easier.

SafeSmart access are New Zealand’s leaders in height access and worksite infrastructure products, so when you are looking for the best way to contain your site in adherence to compliance regulations, ask us, we’re here to help. From anywhere in NZ, get in touch ; we can also offer pre-purchase consultation to many sites around the country.

Item Code Description Size
CP-15-245 Dust Sheeting Containment 2m x 45m
CP-15-345 Dust Sheeting Containment 3m x 45m
CP-15-445 Dust Sheeting Containment 4m x 45m
CP-25-245 HD Containment Sheeting 2m x 45m
CP-25-345 HD Containment Sheeting 3m x 45m
CP-25-445 HD Containment Sheeting 4m x 45m
CP-F20-245 Flame Retardant 2m x 45m
CP-F20-345 Flame Retardant 3m x 45m
CP-F20-445 Flame Retardant 4m x 45m
Item Code Description Size
5010001SWH Debris Netting WHITE 2m x 50m
5010001SRD Debris Netting RED 2m x 50m
5010001SBK Debris Netting BLACK 2m x 50m
5010001SBL Debris Netting BLUE 2m x 50m
5010001SGR Debris Netting GREEN 2m x 50m
5010001SYW Debris Netting YELLOW 2m x 50m
501001P Debris Netting CUSTOM PRINTED 1.8m x 50m


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Advertise your Business

If you are a developer, builder or contractor looking to raise awareness of your business, look to the biggest opportunity you have for shouting about your brand: the otherwise unused space on scaffold sheeting and scaffold debris netting.

SafeSmart offers a customised netting service. No matter what the artwork or message is, we can provide custom-printed banner mesh, so while you're working hard onsite, your containment boundaries are working hard for you.

To get your containment netting specially-printed, ask us now.

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About to get the next project rolling and you're unsure of where to get scaffolding sheeting? Wrap it up right, with SafeSmart Access. With representatives, available to work with you anywhere in NZ, we are happy to provide quotes or advice on the best solution for you.
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